”Warriors” Fall-Winter Collection at Karpatia Horse Show

international equestrian events have always attracted a distinguished and
elegant public that appreciates and most of the time wears hats.  Is for the first time in Romania when we have
admired an exclusive hat show at Karpatia Horse Show, an equestrian competition
that brings to life the aristocratic aura
of Cantacuzino Domain around the “Little Trianon” palace from Floresti.

The 2019 Fall-Winter “Warriors” collection by DeCorina Hats has been launched on September 30th.

by © Ciprian Vlăduț – www.cipane.com

Leca, the designer behind DeCorina Hats learnt the millinery art from famous
designers from UK and Romania. After graduating London Fashion School, Corina
decided to invest over 50k Euros in professional equipment, fabrics and
materials for manufacturing hats.

DeCorina hats are handmade from natural materials of the highest quality, employing techniques unchanged for hundreds of years. Each hat carries forward the energy of its creator and offers the wearer a way to express one’s personality.

by © Ciprian Vlăduț – www.cipane.com

her own events company for 15 years helped Corina to understand how to create
an experiential moment, how to transmit emotions through design.

Corina says hats are for authentic and when one is assuming the propud wearing of a hat, that someone has something to show and deserves to stand out.

by © Ciprian Vlăduț – www.cipane.com

The Fall-Winter collection is called “Warriors” and comprises felt hats in vibrant colours, unique shapes and accessories created to tell the story of the legendary warriors that inspired Corina to follow her dream.

catwalk show was in fact a horseback show; the models – international
equestrian champions that accepted to wear DeCorina hats whilst saluting the
public from the saddle.

by © Ciprian Vlăduț – www.cipane.com

It is not buy chance that “Warriors” collection has been launched on horseback; Corina has a lifelong passion for horses.

Corina loves
horses, practices show jumping and other equestrian sports and runs the
HorseEye Leadership seminars for business people, seminars where the horses are
the heavyweight professors teaching us how to reach out honestly and
communicate clearly, with no prejudgement offering people autonomy,
empowerment, trust and responsibility. r.

Discover the amazing universe of Decorina Hats alongside stories about horses and warriors, defenders of their dream.

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