Bespoke Hats

A made to order hat is primarily a personal and exceptional shopping experience and the opportunity to get the right hat complementing your physiognomy and right for the occasion.

When entering the hat universe at DeCorina Hats studio, you will have the opportunity to observe and understand the creation and manufacturing process, you may try various models, discuss colours, shapes, fabrics and accessories suitable for the chosen model. All these are happening in a relaxing atmosphere whilst enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of Prosecco.

You can arrange a visit at the studio situated in 11 Iunie neighbourhood by sending us an email mentioning the occasion, if any of the hats featured on the website inspired you, personal preferences in terms of colours, etc. or you can give us a call at….

The hat is the only wearable that can express our personality, but also our positioning towards a topic or event. The hat is an extension of our personality; hence the importance of a custom made hat to be worn daily or for special events.

Historically famous people decided to communicate through their hat; a well-known example is Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II-nd:

Hats for special events

  • Wedding Hats – complements the dress or suit you are wearing during one of the most memorable days of our lives or the lives of family and friends;
  • Mom & Daughter / Dad & Son – strengthen the amazing bond you and your child have through an identical accessory perfectly matching both of you. The little one will be delighted to look alike his/her role model;
  • Cocktail Hats – to attract all looks and make you stand out. If you have bespoke attire, the hat can be made or accessorised with the same fabric, patterns or colours;
  • Garden party;
  • Horse Races.

Gift Voucher

Because we all like surprises we are offering you the chance to give somebody a special hat without worrying if they are going to like it.

DeCorina Hats can supply you with a personalised voucher that you can offer to somebody you cherish.

The voucher is for a 200 euros worth hat, but also includes a full shopping experience; the opportunity to talk to the designer and choose together the right model, colours, etc. Of course if that special person in your life wants a more expensive hat, you or your dear one can pay the difference.