Team Building

We believe that engaging in a manual activity such as DIY is one of the best therapies for relaxing one’s mind, setting free from daily worries. When present and paying full attention to what you are doing, your body and mind are in harmony.

The joy you are getting when making a beautiful thing by hand is priceless and will give you the self-trust to build whatever you put your mind to. All you need is motivation, presence, vision and a little patience.

DeCorina Hats created such great experiences for individuals and groups wishing to develop harmonious relationships, exercise creativity and craftsmanship and find the joy of making beautiful things together.


In order to organise a team building we will need to set the date, place and number of participants as well as the reasons for the gathering.

The details need to be discussed at least a couple of weeks before the event taking place. Call us for appointments at +40-721.250.633.

DeCorina will periodically announce open sessions for a limited number of individual participants. The sessions will be organised around a certain theme.


Depending on the number of participants (up to maximum 10), the session can take place at DeCorina Hats studio from Bucharest or any other suitable venue the client can provide or a place searched for and chosen together.

How long it takes?

The length of the session depends very much on the objectives and on the enthusiasm and curiosity of participants. Due to her extensive experience in event management, Corina can adapt the content to the needs of the audience and offer a memorable experience. We can organise an etiquette or history of hats session of 1 to 2 hours or a creation workshop where each participant will take home the hat or headpiece he/she manufactured (4 to 8 hours).

How much it costs?

The budget is made depending on the number of participants, time and resources such as fabric, equipment, logistics, catering, etc.  A session where each participant takes home his / her own head piece during the day it will cost a minimum 150 Euro per participant.

Do I need experience in craft or sewing?

You do not need any previous experience, only bring along your creativity and the designer will advise you on everything else.

What the participants will be getting?

  • Developing a harmonious relationship with the others, the joy of working together and making beautiful things by hand;
  • The hats you’ll make can be associated to certain business or private life objectives where the participants need to take into account the pro and against opinions, the available resources and rely on teamwork;
  • Developing creative solutions, identifying strong points of each participant and communicate better.

What are the results at the end of the day?

  • The experience of creating something from scratch;
  • Understanding the full process leading to an end result;
  • Discovering a whole new universe and enlarging the comfort zone;
  • A new hat equals a new perspective; the joy of wearing something you made;
  • The joy to give. The hats made during the session can be auctioned and money donated for social causes close to the heart of participants.

Other experiences

We can integrate the programme offered by DeCorina Hats with other experiences:

  • Training based on „Six Thinking Hats” model – a tool for group discussions and the associated idea that parallel thinking provide a mean for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think together more effectively;
  • “Alter ego” photo sessions. You can shoot an team anniversary photo book dressed up in costumes and assorted hats;
  • Horse assisted leadership seminars at Horse Eye.