The Bridal Collection

The hat has always been a popular accessory regardless if worn eccentrically or worn gracefully on holidays, at company events or on just an ordinary day. The wedding is one of the most important events from one’s life and that is why brides diligently plan all the details. It is well known that small details really make the difference between a mediocre event and a successful one.

DeCorina Hats launches the first collection dedicated to brides. Why should you wear a hat on your birthday?

  • Add a special touch to your outfit; whether you opt for a princess dress or a simple one, the hat will highlight your femininity, the hat will be the piece of resistance that will turn all eyes and make you feel the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • Weddings are all about dressing-up. Most guests dress to impress. There is no wedding without a hidden competition for whom wears the most beautiful hat.
  • A hat brings an air of royalty to the event for grooms and guests alike.

Discover “Bridal Collection

The launch of the bridal collection by DeCorina Hats took place in a fairytale setting alongside Dahlia Couture dresses.

From fascinating slings delicately caught on elegant headbands to flamboyant, tall and daring hats, “Bridal Collection” has encompassed the styles of all contemporary brides in only ten hats.

The ten hats are unique and can be customized to the bride’s preferences and features.

1. Jolene

A cowboy hat for the bride who chooses to break free of the ordinary on their wedding day.  It fits perfectly into a totally unusual setting, in a quirkier venue than a simple ballroom.

This summer hat is made of panama straw, woven and hand formed. The heart-shaped decoration signifies romance and is made from hand-stitched glass half pearls. The birdcage studs augmented veil preserves the mystery of the bride.

2. Full Moon

On her wedding day, the bride is the one who must wear the crown. “Full Moon” is a crown covered with pearls of different sizes, each pearl is hand-stitched on to the headband that supports them.

A short, white, detachable veil is attached to the crown; a veil decorated with oversized silver sequins.

3. Elsa

Feel like an empress on the big day! “Elsa” is a tiara with sinamay base and white lace leaves decoration. Hand sewn pearls are attached to the lace and a waist long veil completes the tiara. 

The size is universal, and the tiara can be worn by brides who will opt for a light and easy hairstyle.

4. Assemblé

“Assemble” is a crown on wire structure, shrouded in a floral decoration. It is a simple accessory that denotes grace and can be easily matched to most of their bridal dresses.

The crown is a universal measure and is accessorized with a white veil going from one side of the head to the other.

5. Mariposa

The “Mariposa” hat is every romantic woman’s dream since she imagined her wedding day from a young age. It is made of sinamay, woven and hand-formed in two parts: brim and crown.

The three-dimensional butterflies decoration is handmade from taffeta and organza, the butterflies are inserted into the brim of the hat. Butterflies can also be made in other color combinations and can be rearranged according to the wearer’s wishes.

6. Silver Flapper

“Silver Flapper” is an accessory you need to wear to communicate trust and authenticity. The accessory is made of silver lace, delicate fringes and a large handmade flower.

This model can be made in silver or gold colors depending on the outfit and the bride’s skin tone. It can be made in sizes  ranging  from 55 to 58.

7. Rosa Blanca

The hat is suitable for women who want to envelop themselves in a royal air and to breathe femininity, power and elegance through every pore. “Rosa Blanca is a summer hat made of parasisal, woven and handmade. The oversized rose is made of organza, silk and velvet.

It is a top hat with 7 cm brim and can be modified according to the preferences of the bride to be. The floral decoration can also be made in various colors, assorted to the chosen outfit.

8. Andalusian

The Andalusian hat is absolutely special both in its shape and in the way it rests on the head, embraces and supports the hair.

“Andaluz” is made of Buntal straw, woven and hand-formed, sewn onto a wide rigid headband that is dressed in satin taffeta. The oversized rose hidden under the brim is hand-crafted from taffeta, velvet and organza.

The most important detail of this hat is represented by the hair net tied with a string and decorated with pearls and taffeta flowers. This will support the bride’s hair in a loose bun; hairstyle one thing less to care for. The hat in the opposite image is made in ivory but can also be made from materials of various colors.

9. The Bon Air

This accessory is at the top of the bride’s preferences due to its the femininity and delicacy.  The disc is made of sinamay and veil with mixed floral detail. Both the decor and the color can vary depending on your preferences. With a diameter of 30 cm, the accessory is held in the hair with the help of a comb.

10. Dewdrop

“Dewdrop” is a tear-shaped fascinator made of sinamay and held by a headband for stability. Fascinator is of universal size, created from natural white and silver fabric.

The fascinator is realized with abaca decoration, with silver thread and pearl mix. The fascinator is versatile and easy to wear thanks to the fastening system.

P.S: If you think that a hat can be an obstacle to kissing grooms, think again! The hat will ensure the mystery and privacy of the kiss.

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