How To Find Your Hat Measures

The first thing to know in life, but also when ordering a hat is your measure. The hat measure can be easily found out as following:

Size chart for hats

One size fits all

Ladies’ fascinators or pill boxes have one size only and they can be attached to the hair or head with elastic bands, pins or little combs hidden in the hairdo.

Choosing the right size

If the tape measure falls between two sizes, it is reccommended to round it up to the bigger size as the going one size lower can be easier dome later by inserting a cork, felt or cotton strip under the sweatband.

Measuring process

To measure head circumference you can take a tailors tape measure or rigid string and run it around the head making sure it goes 0.5cm above ears and just above the eyebrows on the front.

Try it on


The size of any hat can be altered one or two sizes up or down. The limitations are always due to the fabric used for producing the hat.

If you wish to order a hat, but have difficulties in choosing the fabric, shape or other questions feel free to pay us a visit at the studio and we will be happy to help out.

Because we know how difficult it is to imagine how you look with a certain hat, please visit our Try On section where you can try any hat you want.

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