Atu, eau de parfum

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ATU is the liquid history of the Fool’s Journey in the Universe and recounts the stages of life alongside the 22 extraordinary status hats from the DeCorina Hats collection.

The first notes of Japanese cherries, neroli and tuberoses combine with the aromas of caramel and tobacco in a mystical rather than floral inception.

Like the continuous metamorphosis of tarot card characters, ATU is a fragrance that does not have a stable scent, transforms itself and reveals its heart with marine notes, white flowers and vanilla.

The journey continues a level where raspberries discreetly intertwine with the notes in the heart of the fragrance, making the transition to mystical and transcendental incense, along with amber and white musk.

The notes of the ATU perfume are landmarks sprinkled on the road predestined to you.

Wear unisex ATU like a talisman and be confident of your inner strength.

ATU is an artisanal fragrance, luxury niche perfumery, produced in limited edition series, from top quality ingredients.

It is sold in 50ml black glass bottles with mahogany cap, packed in a luxurious black velvet with gold lettering box.

Along with the perfume, in the box you will also find one of the 22 tarot cards from the Fool’s Journey” package.

Let yourself guided by the tarot card that has chosen you and breed in ATU for questions and choices to arise.


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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 10 cm


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